Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dove Go Fresh Club gifts!

All gifts have been handed out!

If you want this poster:

Simply log into Stardoll with a proxy server like:


Stardoll released a lot of spoilers today.. There are 4 new stardesign patterns, sunny bunny clothing, lots of items for a new shop called Tokyo PopShop, and a few items for the Italian version of the Twilight Parody, Vampires Suck, which is called Mordimi.


Sunny Bunny..

Tokyo PopShop..


Other items..

So.. what do you think of everything? :D

Tokyo PopShop

Tokyo PopShop has been released! You can find them in the suite shop or you can get them all in your starplaza dressing room by clicking HERE.

There is a variety of non SS items and SS items and the prices are really affordable. As you can see below there is a glitch with the Geisha Painting, it goes to your beauty parlor! But I think it's kind of funny :D


BUY (not free!!) the Tangled items by clicking HERE


Free ICarly Blouse!

 1. If you are not from Sweden, go to: or
2. Paste
in the proxy server's blank URL box.
3. Click ok or press enter on your keyboard
4. Log into Stardoll.

Free Mordimi Items

If you're not from Italy you'll need a manual proxy like: with port 80

To visit and join the Mordimi Club:
and join the competition to receive the CLOAK: 
Click 'Enter Competition'.

If you like there's also a clip:

Free Budding Love Bag

Another free bag is being given out today and this time for Greek members.

If you are from Greece click HERE and enter the contest to get it

If you are not from Greece:

1) You will need to set a Greek manual proxy such as: with port 8080 with port 8080

(click HERE if you need help setting one!)

2) Then go to the following link:
3) Log into Stardoll

4) Go to the following link:

5) Turn the manual proxy off

You will find it in your suite.